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We recommend between 28 to 32 weeks. This is a time frame where your beautiful belly is of ample size yet you’re not as “puffy” and uncomfortable as you may be in your last couple of weeks. Though I have shot maternity sessions up close to delivery with beautiful results, feedback from expecting moms has encouraged me to advise clients towards the earlier side where mamas-to-be are feeling their best and are more comfortable than they may be later.
This may be a time that you feel insecure about your body as it changes so much during pregnancy. However, a pregnant mom is one of the most beautiful subjects to photograph and you will treasure the images forever. ​You may be concerned about stretch marks and feel a little bigger all over, so removing any blemishes, including stretch marks and slimming you down a little in areas where needed through flattering poses, camera angle and expert retouching skills are all complimentary as part of your session. Just let me know what your concern is and I’ll take care of it for you.
Rush editing is available at a charge of ₹1000. A rush image will be presented in 4-5 days from the session date.
Client galleries are available for review/download approximately three- four weeks after the session.
During a photoshoot, I’m making real-time adjustments to lighting to create the perfect shot. I’m also occasionally firing “burst” of shots to ensure that I get an image with no eyeblinks, and to make sure we don’t get any shots of a person starting to talk or brushing their hair out of their face. It’s necessary to take these images, they are part of the working process of art, just as a painter sometimes tries a few colors before making the final stroke. All images are captured in a raw color format, so the image-making process is not finished, even when the shoot is over. My job at that point is to discard the eyeblinks and my own testing shots to select the real pieces of art that all the other shots helped create. I take those shots and spend a great deal of time working with them by hand to tone the color, smooth minor imperfections, and produce heirloom pieces of art that are up to my artistic standards – the same quality of work you saw in my portfolio.
I don’t release any images not included with this set of final images, because they were neither created nor intended as final products – they simply enabled me to work out issues that arose to ensure you’d get the high quality images you received.